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Below are data sets that I’ve generated over the years, that are made publicly available here. Feel free to use the data as you wish, but please cite this web page and/or articles I’ve produced from the data if you use the data in your own studies.

Data on Mesolithic microliths from Northern England. The file is in Microsoft Excel format. Right-click and choose the “save as” option to download to your local computer. A total of 570 individual microliths from about 30 different find-spots. The focus was on measuring microlith variance in “hoards” versus those from general site contexts, to test notions about individual versus group-scale variation. Two publications that summarize the basic data can be found here (1997) and here (1998).12

Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA) data on pot sherds from the Western Great Basin. These data were produced at the Missouri University Research Reactor Archaeometry Lab under the direction of Dr. Michael Glascock. Financial support for the research was provided from the Wenner Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research and the National Science Foundation. The focus of this research was to determine whether ceramic pots were being produced and used locally, or whether they were being moved across the landscape. Regions from where pot sherds were sampled include Owens Valley (southern, central, and northern), Papoose Flat, White Mountains, Sequoia National Park, Long Valley, Deep Springs Valley, Death Valley, China Lake Naval Air Weapons Base, Fort Irwin, and the Nevada Test Site. Publications based on the data were produced in 2002 in an edited volume, in 2002 in a peer-reviewed journal, and a small piece in 1999 also in a peer-reviewed journal. Please cite these articles if you would like to use the data.

I hope to add more databases in the near future.